Evan Plays 5 Songs

I promised my mom over the phone this afternoon that I was going to post this video of Evan playing 5 songs on the piano. She has trouble getting into Facebook lately that she hasn’t seen this clip that I uploaded on FB the other day.

On the morning I recorded this, Evan finished his first piano lesson book too. Compared to me – I think my son is a “faster” learner than I was. Maybe it’s because we have our lessons everyday albeit shorter at 15 minutes, compared to my 2x a week years ago.

So that’s my blog post for this week. I have been wanting to write about two topics: babysitters and having crushes while married, but that has to wait since I have been working almost everyday for 3 weeks now there are just other stuff that needs my attention more. Maybe next week, when Tom and I take a weeklong break from work before Evan heads for the big K.

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3 Responses to Evan Plays 5 Songs

  1. Ed says:

    Kids are super sponges. Not a day has gone by in the last five plus years when I haven’t been amazed as something they learned.

    We must start school early here. My daughter’s first day is less than six days away now. I’m sad to know she isn’t my baby anymore. She will officially be a little girl going to school. I’m sure you can relate to that.

  2. geri says:

    Ed, I know right? I taught Evan to memorize our phone number and he got it at 2 tries while it took me two months! haha Yeah, Evan’s school start on Aug. 29th. Does LA go to a private school? Evan’s old school does start next week and I know Tom’s nieces have started theirs already. I just hope I don’t bawl my eyes out and embarrass myself during Evan’s first day – I am excited about his going to kindergarten but, like you, a little sad (and scared) of him not being the baby who was almost always by my side for the last 5 years.

  3. Ed says:

    There is no private school here so she is going to the public school for now. But the town where my wife will most likely be employed next year has a private Catholic school and I’m guessing our daughter will be enrolled there for first grade.

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