Two Things

Thing 1:
The weather has been crazy lately in our area. Aside from the heat dome we’ve have had short strong storms the past weeks. To illustrate how unusual it is, we’ve had 2 trees on our street alone crashing down in a month. Never seen anything like this since the 8 years I’ve lived here. The photo above is actually my favorite parking spot. In fact, I had initially thought that this was our car, only to find ours safe and sound.

Thing 2:

Tom received an email last Saturday, that he was a finalist in one of the most prestigious, biggest and oldest fiction writing contest in the US. No, he didn’t win first prize, but all the more proof that his winning last month’s short story writing competition was no fluke either. He only started joining these contests this year. So proud of him =)

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4 Responses to Two Things

  1. MC says:

    congratulations to tom! keep going tom!

    boy you sure have some crazy weather out there in the midwest. out here in the bay area, we’ve had cool temps in my side of the bay anyway, which is more like the norm around here anyway. but still the weather gal said we’re running below normal for summer. i’d take cool summer anytime.

  2. Ed says:

    I’m guessing you will never look at that parking lot the same again. Reminds me of a huge storm that went through an apartment complex that I used to live in almost 15 years ago. The wind blew so hard that it uprooted a 20 foot tall tree, carried it over a hundred yards and jammed it under my rear bumper hard enough that my rear wheels weren’t touching the ground. After I got it cut out and my wheel back on the ground, I only had a small scratch on the bottom of my bumper. I can’t imagine coming out to see my car looking like the one in your picture!

    Congrats to Tom! I can’t wait to read his story when it comes out.

  3. Loraine says:

    Thing 1. Oh my. It’s my fear that our trees will fall down on someone else’s car.

    Thing 2. I just cannot wait to read his work…

  4. geri says:

    MC, I’ll take your cool temps any day – but our weather has been better lately though. I have mixed feelings for September, would welcome the cooler temps it brings but it’s too close to winter for me!

    Ed, it’s a miracle that your car only suffered a minor scrape. Since they cut the tree down I feel safer parking in that area.

    Loraine, I know – I already cringe at the damages but then again what would a house be without trees in the yard right? Will be sending the link to you guys soon!

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