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Our Kindergarten Life

I got to say adjusting to kindergarten was a little rough for me. When I was working for most days at the start of it it’s hard to tell if it aggravated the situation or helped a little. When I … Continue reading

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Attending A Drawing/Painting Class

There is an ongoing 3 hour adult painting/drawing lesson offered in our city every Friday and Saturday. Thinking it would be a productive way to spend my time when Evan is in school and I am in-between freelancing jobs I … Continue reading

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Can You Say Bookworm?

When Evan was just a concept, Tom and I could only hope our child would love to read books like we do. But never in our dreams did we think our son’s love of books would grow to this extent … Continue reading

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Our Mail Carrier Says Goodbye

She was the first filipina in the neighborhood I’ve met. I was thrilled that our mail carrier was filipina. She was thrilled that we shared the same filipino last names. Tom liked her because she was one of the few … Continue reading

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The Enormous Crocodile And Those Who Say To Leave It Alone

I’m sure all of you have read about this 1 ton and 21 feet long enormous crocodile captured alive in the southern part of the Philippines. I’ve seen comments of  environmentalists, animal rights advocates and wannabes decrying such act. I’ve … Continue reading

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