Attending A Drawing/Painting Class

There is an ongoing 3 hour adult painting/drawing lesson offered in our city every Friday and Saturday. Thinking it would be a productive way to spend my time when Evan is in school and I am in-between freelancing jobs I decided to try it out. Payment was per session. I also thought it might motivate me to go back to painting and who knows meet people I can exhibit with in art fairs.
It was interesting being the student again, especially when the contour exercises were the same as the ones I used on my students years ago. But I did learn something new, simplifying my lines instead of the scratches I naturally gravitate to and the “tornado” style of applying values. It was interesting how I wasn’t given an eraser which forced me to just concentrate on the line edges and not the proportion. I also found a good alternative to charcoal, I can’t wait to go to the art store and get myself some of those pencils (materials were provided for free in the class).

It was really nice to just concentrate on drawing for 3 hours without the temptation of the internet or being interrupted by chores or phone calls. We did have a break of coffee, apples and coffeecake where I got to meet 7 other long time students (most of them have been taking the class for 6 years), most in the late 50s-60s.

The teachers themselves is a a couple in their 70s. As I was watching them, admiring their big studio rented in an old historical building where other art/music studios were, thinking that having these classes was their way of paying the rent, I couldn’t help but wish that when I grow old I hope to be like them. Still very active and still doing what they love. I would be so lucky.

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3 Responses to Attending A Drawing/Painting Class

  1. Loraine says:

    That is very good, Geri…

  2. Ed says:

    Ditto Loraine’s comment. I love to draw and my wife and I even took some art classes much like yours when we were first married but since then, I guess life just got too busy and we’ve put that on the back burner. Perhaps someday when life settles down I will take it up again. I think drawing is kind of like riding a bicycle and that you never really forget how to do it but you do tend to forget the joy of doing it until you pick it up again.

  3. geri says:

    Thanks Loraine!

    Ed, I didn’t know you love to draw. Something more in common with your wife =) Yeah, once you know how to draw you’ll never forget how to do it but yeah, I have forgotten about the joy especially for me since I now mostly equate it with work.

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