Can You Say Bookworm?

When Evan was just a concept, Tom and I could only hope our child would love to read books like we do. But never in our dreams did we think our son’s love of books would grow to this extent at such a young age (he’s only five):

We honestly don’t know where he gets this from. Although his uncle Raffy (my brother) read encyclopedias at 8 years (and practically had them memorized too), my mother was reading at 4 and Tom’s nephew read all the Harry Potter books when he was 10 I think. Or maybe it’s just Evan being Evan.

Right now we are reading Ramona The Pest from the same author. I love her books because it has minimal of the rude language which is surprisingly present in a lot of children’s book (even picture books too). I thought Evan might like it because Ramona in this book is a kindergartener like him and gets into trouble because of her over-active imagination. We’ll see if Ramona will beat or even just equal Henry Huggins, which would be a challenge because as of now Evan loves Henry Huggins so much that he has renamed his stuffed dog from Scooby to Ribsy =)

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