Our Kindergarten Life

I got to say adjusting to kindergarten was a little rough for me. When I was working for most days at the start of it it’s hard to tell if it aggravated the situation or helped a little. When I wasn’t working I was still missing Evan even from last week, lunch times were the worst but working was more stressful because when I came home everything had to be squeezed in – his dinner, homework, bath and bedtime rituals.Evan waiting in line before school starts with astronaut Snoopy in it. A gift from tita Judy which she got from NASA Kennedy Space Center. It was Evan’s idea to carry the stuffed toy this way. He originally wanted to bring his Ribsy stuffed dog but I told him Snoopy was more interesting plus I didn’t Ribsy to be bringing germs from school because Evan sleeps with him.

One time while I freelanced I had to miss a very important meeting with his kindergarten teachers to talk about the curriculum which resulted to not understanding about her system with the homework. Which turned out to be every night Evan will pick out a book from school, bring it home, read with the parents, parents will write on the notebook his reaction using his actual words, send it back the next morning.

I also received notice that starting next week Evan will be bringing math homework too and was sent a password for a website where he can do math exercises. I have mixed feelings about these home works. When I asked parents from other schools they told me they have only homework once a week. Why is ours everyday? But I also think that in the long run it is good to train kids AND the parents early. It involves incentive for both; when he does turns in his homework, he will be given a free ticket. Ten tickets equals a cheap toy they can buy. What parent can forgive him/herself if his kid is the only student in the room not getting that much coveted ticket the day after?

I send him lunch, which is a challenge sometimes – it really requires creativity especially with Evan who gets bored easily if you send him the same food. I still want to pack his lunch because I don’t want him to get used to eating salty, too rich lunch food even if they are touted to be a lot healthier than it has been. From my experience with my strict control of sweet stuff when he was a baby and toddler then giving him a lot of fruits and veggies, it still carries over up to now. Evan is seldom picky with his vegetables and fruits. He seldom demands for anything sweet or junk food. I want to stretch this good habit for as long as I can.

I often wondered why kids in school have big backpacks. In the second week I found out. The teacher told me that Evan’s Cars bag was too small but she said she was going to see if the social workers have extra bags which she can give to Evan. A few days later Evan was sporting a a bigger Star Wars backpack which he loved. And pretty soon it was filled with his book, stuffed toy for nap time, show and tell stuff, his jacket and gloves. Bags with wheels weren’t allowed.

He still does martial arts although I have, reluctantly, transferred him to the Taekwondo club in his school. I didn’t want to leave his old karate school because the teacher was wonderful, did a good job in disciplining Evan and getting him to focus but the new school schedule is too tight to run over there in time to get dressed and be in time for class. And if I work then I will have to get our regular babysitter who doesn’t have a car… I’ve been to 2 of his taekwondo classes and it wasn’t up to par with my expectations but Evan likes it plus a few of his classmates were there so that’s all that matters for now.

But I am amazed at the big improvement of Evan’s behavior with this classes, especially when I compare him with some of his classmates. He listens seriously to the teacher and doesn’t talk to the person beside him like he used to do when he started his karate 9 months ago. This carried over to his classroom. His teacher complimented me at how Evan listens and behaves well in school. I was so happy and relieved to hear that. I don’t know if this was courtesy of this karate lessons or Evan just growing up.

We still do his piano lessons everyday. Since his school hours start a little late, we have time to do it in the morning. So far he is still progressing wonderfully. What is sacrificed a little is our daily practice reading but I hope to get us back on track as soon as we are all adjusted to his new schedule.

As for his spanish, we were told not to expect them talking in spanish for the first 3 months so hearing him say a spanish word every now and then was a treat. He told me that “rosita” is pink, “pera” is dog (I corrected him and told him it was perro) and “diamante”. This weekend was a fiesta, he just sang 4 songs in spanish out of the blue. I was tickled.

He has made lots of friends. One time I overheard 2 boys claiming Evan as their best friend with Evan playing nearby oblivious to their argument. That was funny.

I hope to get started on my schedule next week and finally dive into my mommy project. I know I will eventually get used living 6 hours of my life, 5 days a week without him. I would most probably begin to enjoy it too especially when my work start to bear fruit. But I am pretty certain that picking him up from school will still remain to be the best part of my day.

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3 Responses to Our Kindergarten Life

  1. MC says:

    It’s really wonderful they are learning a second language in kindergarten.

  2. Ed says:

    I’m a little rusty on my Spanish but I could follow most of what he sang. Excellent! Right now, the only Spanish my daughter knows came from Dora or words shared with Tagalog.

    Her school has only sent homework (math stuff) home with her once so far. Fortunately I happened to empty out her backpack the night before that night instead of the normal morning right before school. Since that time, I have taken to checking in the evening all the time just in case.

    I think adjusting to kindergarten has been a lot easier for me than you since I was pretty much used to dropping her off in the morning and picking her up in the afternoons already. Since we have gone to the public daycare where she can be dropped off at the same time everyday and ride the bus, it has been great. Like Evan, she seems to be maturing fast in school.

  3. geri says:

    MC, I know, right? Tonight in the bathroom he was reciting the spanish alphabet and pinching his nose while saying ” ñ “, he tells me that’s how it should be done =)

    Ed, yeah, it’s still hard up to know. It’s just difficult to get used to doing something differently after 2 years and half of the 3 years. I never really thought I would miss him this much but in time I will adjust. Since Little Abbey is very close in age to Evan, I can imagine her being more mature now compared to last year like Evan. I remember being worried at how Evan’s classmates seeming so matured and able to sit still, but they were a lot older than him, some more than 6 months and that is a big difference in behavior.

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