The Enormous Crocodile And Those Who Say To Leave It Alone

I’m sure all of you have read about this 1 ton and 21 feet long enormous crocodile captured alive in the southern part of the Philippines. I’ve seen comments of  environmentalists, animal rights advocates and wannabes decrying such act. I’ve seen too many cuckoos commenting on websites so I wasn’t bothered by it. But when this was featured in the Facebook page of my favorite radio talk show which I subscribe I couldn’t help but react to them.

Leaving it alone? Seriously? If you have this giant flesh eating animal roaming in your neighborhood wouldn’t you rather have this caught and taken away to a place where you know people will keep an eye on it?

A lot of these people have never left the United States and don’t know that not every country has a vast land where you can relocate an animal, set it free and never hear from it again. The Philippines is a densely populated country and every parcel of land leaves little elbow room for man and a dangerous wild animal like this to co-exist. Granted it can be released in the middle of the jungle in Mindanao, our government doesn’t have the funds to protect it from poachers. So it is either have it kept alive in captivity or being killed by hunters.

One commenter replied that this animal eating a water buffalo was a matter of survival of the fittest since it was it’s natural food resource? Excuse me? Does she even know what a water buffalo is? A carabao is a livestock that farmers use to plow their fields, and because of this animal a family just lost its means of livelihood. If commenters would bother reading the article they would see the word “impoverished area”. People don’t keep animals as pet there, they raise animals to help them survive.

Let’s throw this into Lake Geneva and see how you people feel about just being careful around waters. You know, just swim around this area and hope the crocodile isn’t underneath? Or maybe have a fisherman and a little girl disappear (as what happened in that Philippine town) and see how they would feel about it.

Some people, really!

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4 Responses to The Enormous Crocodile And Those Who Say To Leave It Alone

  1. Ed says:

    I haven’t been following this story close enough to know people have been against it. I’m actually just amazed that they caught the thing alive and plan on keeping it that way. In most countries, the thing would already be dead. Here in the States, it is pretty much policy that any animal that kills a human is euthanized. This one killed one, perhaps two and threatened more over the span of 20 years! I think everyone should be proud of your countrymen!

  2. Loraine says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Honestly, I don’t keep up with my Philippine news. I agree with you.

  3. geri says:

    Ed, I think there just has to be people who thinks they know better. While I thought these were just limited to comments in news articles on the web, my husband forwarded to me yesterday this article:

    I like the comment: “free the crocodile in PETA’s backyard and see how they feel” or something like that lol.

    Loraine, I wouldn’t have noticed this except it was in yahoo. I don’t keep abreast with Philippine news either especially since I have trouble opening Philippine Star website too.

  4. Kittymama says:

    My sentiments exactly. There have been worries that the crocodile has not eaten since it’s captivity- hello? It just ate a full-grown man! Of course, it’s not going to be hungry. :-(
    I understand that this particular type of crocodile is endangered, but when it endangers human lives, it becomes a question of choice- human life vs animal life. And as much as we want to preserve all forms of life, the people who are prey to this animal have no means to protect themselves. Releasing it into the wild is no longer a viable option, I believe. You’re absolutely right, Geri, when you say that it’s future must now be either life in captivity or death by hunting. The former is preferable, of course.

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