Evan, 5.6

“Evan is so smart and respectful. I wish I had a class full of Evans.” – Evan’s teacher to me at the parent-teacher’s conference last Monday afternoon.

After years of telling me he doesn’t like mushrooms guess who decided to suddenly fight me over the last morsel of mushroom from the stir-fried vegetable dish I cooked for dinner? =)
September 6

“What’s the most interesting part in school?” I asked Evan. He thinks long and hard. “Recess,” he answered. I burst out laughing, I honestly wasn’t expecting that. But I guess it’s universal.
September 12

Evan: “CJ (his classmate) was almost sent to the principal’s office.”
Me: “Why?”
Evan: “Because he was being bad.”
Me: “Why, what did he do?”
Evan: “Because he won’t stop training Joanna (another classmate) to be his girlfriend.”
September 18

Evan: “Girls don’t like boys who are lazy.”
Tom: “Who told you that Evan?”
Evan: “I read it from a filipino book.”
I puzzled over this then I remembered the Juan Tamad book =)
September 19

My husband put Evan to bed last night. Evan asked his dad if he could sleep with him for a short while. So they lay down, Tom talking to his son softly every now and then. After a few minutes Evan says, “okay, that’s enough dad. You go and get some rest.” Dad dismissed.
September 21

Evan was coughing a bit the other night. “You poor guy,” Tom told his son while rubbing his back. “I am not poor!” was Evan’s indignant response.
September 22

Evan hiccuping. “I have hiccups,” he tells me. “Christian (his classmate) had it first. I caught it from him.” So hiccups are now contagious.
September 23

Evan pretend typing, with wrists up, on the keyboard while in front of my computer. Secretly delighted I asked, “are you playing the piano?” “No,” he answered, “I am hacking.” Patay.
September 26

While reading “Ramona The Pest” Evan was so shocked when he read the part about the mothers of Howie and Ramona, both kindergarteners, having decided for the two to walk to school by themselves. “They can’t do that!” he exclaimed to me. The book was published 1968. Times were so different back then.
September 30

Evan:”What is my friend’s name in Canada again?” Me: “Julia.” Evan: “Do you know her phone number?” Me: “I do I wrote it somewhere.” Evan: “I have an idea she can visit us on the weekends.” Me: “I wish they could but Canada is very far.” Evan: “But we could teleport.” Okay, another thing we have to learn.
October 4

My big boy (sniff, sniff). Yesterday at The Farm, Sturgeon Bay, Door County.
October 10

Breathed a sigh of relief when the baked basil pesto-crusted salmon was a hit with Evan. He likes fish (loves shrimps) but thought basil pesto might be too “foreign” for his young palate. Glad to have another addition to our menu.
October 11

When I told my husband that Evan’s class will be having pajama day in school tomorrow, he joked that he wished that they had pajama day at work too. He cracks me up.
October 13

Rare chocolate treat VS new book from the library. The book won. He says he didn’t want to get his fingers sticky (and can’t use them to turn the pages). I thought a fork might help but…
October 21

No school today so I thought we take a video of this.
October 21

Lego spaceship Evan made a few weeks ago. Tom was so impressed by it that he asked me if I had helped him make this. Nope, this is all Evan’s. As I’ve said, at home Evan mostly does 2 things, read books or Legos.
October 22

Father and son are going shopping today for a much requested blade blade (beyblade). Apparently it is the in thing among boys in his school. Well, after that good review of his teacher he certainly deserves it. We are so proud of him.

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  1. MC says:

    oh evan is so funny!

    i especially like that boy training the girl to be his girlfriend. where do they learn these things?

  2. geri says:

    MC, I don’t know if the word “training” was a word Evan used or he got it from his precocious classmate CJ =)

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