Meet Jack

When Evan and I came home from watching Puss In Boots this afternoon we found this waiting for us:
It’s our first Jack O’ Lantern. It’s also Tom’s first time to make one. Evan and I loved it. For next Halloween, we’re doing three.

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3 Responses to Meet Jack

  1. MC says:

    How was the movie? I’m very curious about it.

  2. Ed says:

    I think I have carved a pumpkin every year for at least the last 32 years or so, perhaps longer. For me it has been a rite of passage especially since I had a pumpkin growing business for around 10 of those years. Little Abbey and I carved her pumpkin a week ago. This was the first year she actually came up with the design. I took a picture of it but haven’t downloaded it off the camera yet. I’ll have to do that tonight.

  3. geri says:

    MC, it’s funny but I wouldn’t have watched if not for Evan.

    Ed, I remember the pumpkins you carved that you posted in your blog. I never thought it would be fun but it is! I want to try my hand at it next year. Can’t wait to see Little Abbey’s design.

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