A Couple Of Doodles

I miss doodling. The funny thing, I am convinced that if I didn’t work as an artist or studied fine arts – I probably have more paintings and drawings, I would have probably been more prolific. It’s ironic really. Why? I think it has to do with taking art too seriously because of having to live up to the title of being an artist, having higher standards, being more critical that it ceases to be just something one enjoys doing. It’s difficult to just enjoy the process because there will always be some changes needed to the end product.

But yesterday I needed to doodle. Evan had a birthday party to attend to and I just forgot about the gift wrapper or gift bag. I hate buying those because they usually cost around $3-$4 and the celebrant could hardly care about it. It’s $4 thrown away. And there’s the birthday card too. I usually buy the cheapest ones at $1. However, I found old tissue paper which I used to wrap the toy box. For the card, since I didn’t like the idea of going to the store just for that, I remembered a lot of handmade birthday cards (made by children) at previous parties that I thought I thought, hey why not make it instead. Sometimes I forget what I can do.  I usually have cardstock lying around and Evan has hundreds of markers. So this is how it turned out:

Evan was only too excited to write inside it (he recently discovered the joy of writing a few days ago). When we arrived at the party, we just placed the gift inside the box but it caught the birthday celebrant’s mom’s eyes. She loved it.

Which gave me another idea. The next day was Evan’s teacher’s birthday. I was thinking having Evan give her a chocolate rose but I ended up making this instead:

People usually spend money to have caricatures drawn of themselves, so I am hoping she will like this. The boy is Evan of course. It was Evan’s idea to include his Cars hat. He was impatient to give it to her this morning but I told him to wait until they were in the classroom.

I should be doodling some more. I forgot how fun it could be.

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4 Responses to A Couple Of Doodles

  1. Ed says:

    Now for me, I would have paid more than $3 or $4 just so I didn’t have to spend the massive amounts of time to come up with a doodle like yours that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to give to someone, even if they were going to throw it away. That is the difference between an artist and people like me!

    P.S. I’ve been meaning to let you know this but my daughter is really getting into “The Reading Lesson” book that you mentioned on here awhile ago. She is over halfway through it now and is going through it at a rapid pace, especially compared to the months she didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I think she just needed to see the joys of learning at school first to appreciate learning on your own. She tested out of her grade level on reading and language on her first report card. Thank you for writing about that book!

  2. geri says:

    Ed, hahaha that’s funny =) It can’t be that bad since you take art lessons. But I think in general we can be critical of our own artwork, just looking at the images on the screen I have to stop myself from thinking “I should have shaded this more, I should have made it more flat, make one of her eyebrows higher…”

    That’s great about Little Abbey reading, isn’t it exciting? She’s reading at 5, kids learn to read so much earlier these days because of the resources available. I think reading is also the same way with Evan to writing and math. It’s a thrill to see them progress so fast – as you say, their minds are like sponges, it’s amazing!

  3. Loraine says:

    hi geri, your doodles are very good. i woul like to learn how to draw. i just bought a drawing pencil and a book on how to draw. let’s see if i’ll find the time, he,he.

    regarding children’s minds are sponges… i am amazed on how benji can pick up words. he knows most of his books. my friend’s 2 y/o dtr can now read… i am not expecting it from benji but i am truly amazed…

  4. geri says:

    Loraine, that’s very exciting! Those books helped me when I was in college, even if I already knew how to draw it gave me an edge from my classmates because I bought and read painting books.

    It is possible for Benji to learn to read at 2. Evan started reading words off and on at the tail-end of 2 but stopped because probably I didn’t know how to guide him. That was why that book Ed mentioned was heaven-sent to me. I sent you an email re couple of reading resources you can use for Benj =)

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