Evan According To His Teacher

Got this Progress Report Card Comment Sheet from Evan’s folder yesterday together with his report card:
“Evan is fun, lively and playful! He enjoys having a good time and has a gentle nature. He is intelligent. Evan understands the material covered in class and knows how to incorporate it. He enjoys reading and treasure books. It has been a joy to watch Evan grow and develop this year. I am very pleased with his progress. He easily recognizes the sounds and names of the alphabet. Evan is doing well and working at grade level in math. He makes friends easily and is very popular in class. He likes to play with other kids and independently. He is always respectful to me and other adults in school. He is truly a delight and I love having him in class. Spanish Acquisition: Follows simple oral directions/commands, uses short sentences and isolated words. He follows directions in content areas.” – Mrs. C

And I was a bit worried that having him do spanish immersion wouldn’t be the right thing for him, turns out we didn’t have to be concerned about it =)

Mommy and daddy are so proud of you son! You have been such a trooper at doing extended homework sessions the past couple of months and our daily piano lessons. You constantly amaze me at how quickly you absorb things like a sponge especially your newfound love for math (“I want to do more mom!” -E). Keep up the good work. Love you so much.

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3 Responses to Evan According To His Teacher

  1. Ed says:

    I wish my parents had immersed me in several different languages when I was Evan’s age, especially tagalog knowing that I might marry a Filipina in the future. It would make things a lot easier than they are now. Now, trying to learn a new language is like trying to cram a bunch of square pegs into round holes!

  2. geri says:

    Ed, it was my fear that Evan would come home and complain that learning spanish is hard but so far we haven’t had that yet, knock on wood. Yeah, like you I would’ve have liked to learn a couple more languages but we didn’t have the accessible resources back then in the Philippines. Probably now is the best time for you to learn filipino together with little Abbey, or when Mrs. Abbey is back. Evan has been telling me he wants to learn filipino but I have yet to get my act together.

    MC, I love this photo – it captures Evan’s personality =)

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