Our “Proud To Be Me” Shirt

I’ve always wanted to make a shirt using some of Evan’s drawings since 1.) I think a child’s drawing is cute 2.) It’d be a good keepsake 3.) He’d get get a kick out of it and will be inspired to make more drawings.
Yesterday their school and many schools nationwide celebrated “Proud To Be Me” day. Since I like this message a lot I thought it was a perfect occasion to make this mommy project. Since we didn’t have an extra shirt lying around, it was only the night before that I got to put together words on his own handwriting and a self-portrait he drew a few weeks ago. I added a few doodles, printed them out on a special paper and ironed it on a $5 green (his favorite color) shirt I bought from Target.

As expected he was thrilled. He is wearing pajama bottoms with the shirt on the photo because it was also Pajama & Pizza Party for his class a incentive for good behavior.

I loved the result, I am excited for our next t-shirt collaboration soon.

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2 Responses to Our “Proud To Be Me” Shirt

  1. MC says:

    A very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

  2. geri says:

    Thanks so much MC! Hope you have fun on New Year’s Eve =)

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