Evanisms (Oct ’11-Jan ’12)

Evan to me, while driving home from school, “I know how daddy works.” “Yeah? How?” I asked. “First, he takes the bus. Then he takes another bus. Then he goes to work. He says hello to his friends. He goes to his computer and gets money from there.” Oct 26

Evan, after reading aloud the The Lord’s Prayer before bedtime, “dear God, it was a good day today because I got to play outside for a long time. For Christmas I want two more blade blades. I love You, Wapshot, lola (grandma), what’s the other one… lolo (grandpa), mama and dad. Amen.” Nov. 6

Evan while eating breakfast: “When I grow up I want to be a superhero, inventor and a dad.” Nov. 21

I was in another room when I heard Evan say, “I will love you always.” “I love you too!” I called back. “No I was talking to Wapshot (our cat),” he informed me. It was just good nobody else was around to hear that. Nov. 23

Evan to me: “You know, there is also a south pole.” Me: “That’s right Evan and you know what’s in the south pole?” (I was going to say penguins). Evan, after a slight pause, “yeah…waterbenders?” Nov. 26

Evan’s prayer tonight: “Dear God, I had a good day today. Please give me Legos for Christmas because I really like them. Please make brown Legos. Please tell the Target guys to put Scooby Doo Legos. I am thankful for my parents, family and friends, lolo and lola, and all the people in this planet. Amen.” Dec.1

Impatient at Evan dawdling, I said “faster Evan! How can you be a superhero if you are slow?” Evan pauses, “well, I am still training.” Pastilan. Dec.3

At the ladies’ room at Target, Evan chuckles and apologizes sheepishly to a 4 year old girl after doing his business, “hehehe I’m in here because my mom has to watch me…” Dec. 10

Part of Evan’s prayer the other night: “Dear Lord, it was a really nice day today. Please give me legos for Christmas because they’re really cool. I also have something else I want and you know what it is…” Of course, I asked him afterwards what he asked God and his answer? A baby brother and sister. I sure wasn’t expecting that. Dec. 18

While putting Evan to bed last night he told me, “I will never leave you.” I said, “that’s really sweet Evan but eventually you will have a house and a family of your own and that will make mom and dad happy. That’s why you have to study hard, so you’ll get good grades and you’ll get lots of choices when look for work…” Silence. Finally he replied with, “I’m glad I’m not leaving yet.” Dec. 22

Evan singing Jingle Bells: “Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingling all the waaaayyyy.” It’s funny but grammatically correct right? =) Dec 26

After I told Evan we will be mailing his thank you letters today, he says: “I know how the mailbox works. You put the letters in the mailbox, inside has pipes that goes to different houses!” January 6

while watching Karate Kid yesterday, I was cuddling Evan beside me and telling him how I love the smell of his head. He says, “I wish I could smell my head. I wish I could take my head off and smell it.” Well, your nose is still going to be on your head… January 7

Evan’s prayer last night: “I thank you for my mom, my dad, my lolo, my lola, my cousins, my aunts, my uncles, my stepmom, my stepdad…” (he meant godmother and godfather). January 12

Evan to me yesterday: “I want snow for dinner”. He wasn’t joking. Today

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4 Responses to Evanisms (Oct ’11-Jan ’12)

  1. Ed says:

    One thing I would like to do but never seem to do is write down more things LA says because I so enjoy reading what Evan says.

    Just yesterday as we entered our urban apartment, she farted. I asked why she hadn’t done that while we were outside and she had replied, “because I was saving it for you!”

  2. Loraine says:

    Evan is funny. I agree with Ed. You are good in documenting Evan’s quotes. I should be doing that. Benji suprises me many times. He is talking more and more.

  3. MC says:

    so glad evan prays for me (all the people in the planet) at night.

  4. geri says:

    Ed, hahaha that’s really a good one. I read a suggestion in a mag to start a one sentence journal and I recently started doing it. There are others funny stuff Evan says that I censor myself from putting in Facebook (just because it might be too much/many for some).

    Loraine, start with a one sentence journal too. I can just imagine the excitement of Benji starting to talk =)

    MC, hahaha, I am tempted to ask him “even the bad people”? hahaha

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