Tom Goes Hi-Tech

Unlike other Christmases, it wasn’t hard for me to decide what to get Tom as a gift. I have given him the most basic Amazon Kindle for his birthday and he loved it so much. He especially liked how he didn’t need to bring his overnight bag in his commute to work so he can carry 5-6 books but just have everything in the Kindle, in his jacket’s pocket. He also liked how it didn’t have a glare when reading under the sunlight and being able to adjust the text size.

I thought it might be hard to top such a perfect gift but when I heard over the radio that they were selling Roku for only $49.00 I knew that that was it for him. I first heard how watching Netflix on your tv with Roku was totally worth the purchase (back then it was almost a hundred dollars) from Ed. It was until that I and Evan started watching Netflix often that I was convinced it was time for us to get a Roku. And I knew Tom would like it because there were times we would run out of DVDs during the weekends  and have nothing to watch which didn’t make sense since we have a number of movies (of Tom’s choices) on our Instant Play queue.

But Tom’s sister’s raving about the internet radio adapter and having access to many jazz stations made my husband want one too. I found an inexpensive unit in amazon and was very satisfied with my Christmas gifts to him.

What I was most surprised about was how Tom’s gifts turned into gifts for the family. I never thought I liked jazz as much until we tuned into Bossa Nova and Brazil jazz stations. Even Evan loved listening to them. We don’t watch tv that much, and now we even watch tv lesser – we’d rather listen to the radio. The same with Roku. I even told Tom to cut down our Netflix subscription to just 1 DVD/Instantplay Plan instead of the 3 DVDs/Instantplay.

Two days ago Tom told me that he had a problem with the screen of his 4 month old Kindle. I looked up in the internet on ways to fix the problem when I read that Kindle replaces damaged units without hassle. So I went to the Kindle’s customer service page, pressed a button for them to call me and in 2 minutes I got a call from Seattle. I was asked what problem was (horizontal lines on the screen with a third of it wiped blank), asked if my husband dropped it (not to his knowledge), asked if he spilled water on the screen (just wiped it clean with a damp cloth). I was told to return the damaged unit by dropping it off at UPS and the replacement should arrive Friday. True enough it arrived yesterday.

My husband doesn’t like spending money on himself but for the second part of this year he was a very happy and satisfied hi-tech consumer.

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5 Responses to Tom Goes Hi-Tech

  1. Ed says:

    Although I still like the Roku player and still think it is worth it, it isn’t quite as attractive as it once was. The wars going on between movie studios and the media has reduced the number of available movies quite a bit on it. Also, with my daughter watching it for her entertainment more than I do mine, the menus are more tailored to her and there really isn’t a way to change that. It makes it harder to find something we like at times without going on line and using the more extensive search features.

    I mostly use it to watch television shows that I don’t have access too, i.e. expanded cable.

    On a side note, we watched “Life in a Day” via Roku. If you haven’t seen that, it is right up you and Tom’s alley and it was an outstanding documentary in my opinion.

  2. geri says:

    Ed, I agree with what you said about the Roku especially when it comes to searching for the movie titles. Since we are new to it we don’t notice the significant reduction of the available movies for it although this Roku can play from Hulu, Amazon, Tedtv many other channels etc too (I have yet to subscribe since we are still content with Netflix for now). Definitely this is very helpful on our part for Evan like it is yours with Little Abbey because he has a lot of choices compared to us buying him DVDs and borrowing from the library.

    I checked on Life In A Day and is definitely worth watching. The last movie I watched was Eat Drink Man Woman, an old Taiwanese movie which my husband recommended. It was really good. I also noticed “Amigo” is also recently available, so I look forward to it.

  3. Rhebs says:

    Ger, for the same price $49 you could have gotten a much better gadget called “Sony SMP-N100 Streaming Player with Wi-Fi”

    OR better yet, a Blu-Ray Player the does the same thing for $99.

  4. geri says:

    Rhebs, I should’ve checked into that. Thanks for the recommendation. Right now, we are still happy with Roku. I am addicted to Downton Abbey. So glad for now it only has 7 episodes kay it’s ruining my sleep lol

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