Evan The Super Reader

Around this time last year, Evan was reading sentences like “The cat sat on a mat.” Now he is a few pages away from being done with this Hardy Boys book 2 (he’s got 7 HD books at home, 6 handed down by his cousin).

I had a selfish motive for teaching Evan to read early. I had envisioned that when I bring him to church he will just read books to stay still (which he has been doing for the past 6 months and he loves to read this New Testament), to read while we are in the restos (check), to read while I am doing groceries (the other day an amused man called out “He love books, congratulations!” when he saw me pulling Evan in our grocery parking lot while my little boy was walking, engrossed in a Superman chapter book) and of course, during long car trips.

But never did I imagine he would love books this much. He would read in the john (sitting down and standing up). He would read while brushing his teeth (holding the book in one hand), he would read while walking down the street…in the dark (I had 2 eyewitnesses for this).

While I choose an advanced book to continually improve his reading – for him to learn new words (he has to read aloud for 20 minutes and I listen while cooking dinner), I make sure that I still bring home picture books, graphic novels, comic books, audio books, chapter books, non-fiction books from the library to make sure he doesn’t get bored or be too intimidated by it. Bringing him books from home is like giving him new toys. His face would literally light up, be covered with a big smile and the house would be so quiet for a couple of hours.

A few weeks ago I was telling him, “You know Evan, when you weren’t here in this world yet, I would ask God how it would be nice if he could give us a healthy baby who loves to read. And here you are! A super reader.” Evan smiled and replied in earnest, “See? God is powerful.”

I was thinking on moving on to Hardy Boys 3 for our reading session but then he showed interest in this Sherlock Holmes book (photo shows him reading the table of contents) that I had tucked in the shelf which I too haven’t read before. We’ll see.

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  1. Ed says:

    Congratulations! Your reasons for Evan are largely the same as mine for L.A. She is still behind in the reading department compared to Evan but thanks to you, she is way ahead of her peers. We are just a few pages away from Chapter 20 in ‘The Reading Lesson’. Initially we met resistance and a lot of frustration but now she actually brings me the book and says she wants to read more. I think she is anxious to finish that book as an accomplishment. I have been letting her read some of her other books to me at bedtime and I am so amazed at how much she has learned to read in a short amount of time.

    Be sure to introduce Evan to the Nancy Drew series and also Beverly Cleary along with the Hardy Boys. Between the three of those, I was a busy reader for a long time. Another one of my first childhood books that left an impression on me when I was just a bit older than Evan (I don’t remember reading until first grade) was E.T. which if I remember was one of those made after the movie books.

    Congratulations again on hooking Evan to books. It is a lost art among my peers and many of them are lucky if they even read an occasional magazine.

  2. MC says:

    How exciting are these times in Evan’s life and yours too of course. I hope this continues to be his passion.

  3. geri says:

    Ed, that is awesome about L.A.! Isn’t it amazing the amount of learning they can absorb in a short amount of time. Sometimes I get jealous of the stuff Evan remembers. Evan never really brought that reading book to me, you are luckier than me lol! Evan has read 2 Beverly Cleary books already (Ramona The Pest and Henry Huggins), he loves it and the audio books too. He is now into Encyclopedia Brown. I am aghast at how many bad junior chapter books out there by newer authors, that is why I am mostly reaching for books that I have read from childhood too.

    MC, I sure hope so too, I am just happy that he has discovered the many joys he can get from books! =)

  4. Loraine says:

    I have the same wish as yours (healthy baby who loves to read). And AMEN to Evan regarding what he said that God is powerful! You should share how you impart the passion of reading to Evan.

  5. geri says:

    Hi Loraine, I emailed you a couple of months back re reading books I hope you got it!

  6. emilie says:

    Sherlock holmes!!!!!!

  7. geri says:

    Em, he’s reading Harry Potter instead. =)

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