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Look Who’s Got A Green (Stripe) Belt!

He skipped a color (orange comes after yellow) to get a surprise promotion to a green belt at his karate’s testing yesterday. I pulled him out of the chaotic, crowded taekwondo class despite the more convenient venue and schedule (in … Continue reading

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A Funny Story At The Shedd Aquarium

Yesterday I was one of the parent chaperones for my kindergarten son’s field trip to the Shedd Aquarium. Amazingly, this is their fourth field trip and three more to go before the schoolyear ends. This was our, me and Evan, … Continue reading

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The Reluctant Tiger Mom

Let me get this straight, I don’t think I will ever nor would I want to have the same level of “tigerness” as Battle Hymn Of A Tiger Mom author Amy Chua. When I read her book I waffled between … Continue reading

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Kids, Creativity And The iPad

I came across an NYT blog Pogue’s Post about the author’s 6 year old son’s addiction to iPad. Though he states that they do have rules about not having the kids use the iPads on schooldays, his problem was the … Continue reading

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I Love You Leftovers

It wasn’t exactly love at first bite with you. Growing up with a hired cook in the house meant our family had freshly cooked-from-scratch meals. Leftovers were optional, served on saucers since almost always there were only little left. Unless … Continue reading

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