I Love You Leftovers

It wasn’t exactly love at first bite with you.
Growing up with a hired cook in the house meant
our family had freshly cooked-from-scratch meals.
Leftovers were optional, served on saucers since
almost always there were only little left.
Unless of course they really tasted bad; they went to the dogs.

You weren’t very appealing when I came to the U.S. either.
Leftover resto food somehow taste like sawdust
(with the exception of pizza).
So I never even bothered bringing them home.
I mostly always had leftovers whenever we have a party in the house.
I viewed them as a headache then and a source of guilt.
Most would end up in the trash.

But now you are a lifesaver.
The concept of cooking a big batch with the intention
of having leftovers came when I experimented with being a vegan.
The cookbook suggested it, particularly with rice.
That was unheard of for me.
In the Philippines, rice was demanded to be freshly cook for every meal
otherwise filipinos would turn up our small noses on them.
Since brown rice takes 35 minutes to cook,
leftovers is the way to go.

Now how I love just cooking 2 times a week.
How I open the fridge door and there you are waiting, crowding the top shelf.
I only need to nuke a plateful for 1 minute 15 seconds.
Voila! Lunch/dinner is ready!
So much healthier too.
No hidden cupfuls of butter from resto dishes
that would later show up on the weighing scale.

When my husband made a comment about the
overflowing plastic covered food containers,
I told him that what he is actually seeing
is money being saved.
Boy, did my husband sure appreciate that.
Why, with a $4 chicken for 4 dinners (cooked roasted, soup,
adobo, spaghetti etc.), who wouldn’t?

How I wish I had gotten to know you better years ago.
But there is no sense in looking back.
I look forward to having you to be a constant fixture in our family life from now on.

No leftovers for Evan’s school lunch last Friday. He brought home-microwavebaked carrot cupcake in a cup (recipe from casaveneracion.com ; for the “cream cheese” frosting I just mixed a 1/2 tablespoon neuftachel cheese, 1/2 tablespoon butter, 1 tablespoon powdered sugar), ham rolled in cheese, fresh strawberries and wqter.

BTW, Ikea has a great $7 pack of plastic containers that’s perfect for storing leftovers and using in luncboxes (shown above with the ham & strawberries).

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3 Responses to I Love You Leftovers

  1. Ed says:

    My wife wasn’t into the leftover thing either when she first arrived. But since I did a lot of the cooking, she got used to it in a hurry. During these past two years and eight months, we end up doing a lot of cooking on the weekends when we are together and eating leftovers the rest of the week. It saves us a lot of time during the weekday and gives us more time together in the kitchen on weekends.

    P.S. Today for lunch I am having leftover turkey burger from this weekend and tonight will probably be leftover soup!

  2. MC says:

    good for you. less work.

    i didn’t really like leftovers too. same with me growing there’s always someone cooking the meals. hardly any left overs at all. even rice is cooked 2x a day.

    but here my hubs and i cook only once – on the weekend – making 2-3 sometimes 4 dishes for the entire week’s dinner. saves us time and energy. coming home from work after 7 pm it’s simply a joy to turn on the tv for a little rerun of big bang theory while the meal heats in the microwave.

  3. geri says:

    Ed, that is really nice about spending the time together in the kitchen. I remember what Jerry Seinfeld’s wife saying she asks Jerry to the kitchen while she cooks big batches so that they could talk, catch up while she’s getting meals done. I think it’s a really neat, productive couple time together.

    MC, leftovers being looked down upon must be common to filipinos. Yeah, it is a joy to have dinner ready as soon as we step in the house isn’t it? I think Big Bang Theory is pretty funny.

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