Look Who’s Got A Green (Stripe) Belt!

He skipped a color (orange comes after yellow) to get a surprise promotion to a green belt at his karate’s testing yesterday. I pulled him out of the chaotic, crowded taekwondo class despite the more convenient venue and schedule (in his school, right after school) and put him back to his old karate school but with a different, just as good and more patient teacher (his first karate teacher was really good but she makes even ME nervous for the little kids) this time.

Evan was so psyched about skipping orange because green is his favorite color.  His prayer last night went like this, “Dear Lord, I really had a good day. I like it very much. It was really, really good, I can’t believe it…”

Hope you continue to be enthusiastic about karate (as with your swimming) Evan, for a long, long time.

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