I Almost Bought A Mac

But didn’t. Instead I got this:

My 4 year old PC has been giving me the dreaded blue screen a few times so I looked around for a new computer. I knew that the next computer I get will be powerful enough to run all (and I mean ALL) the major programs of Adobe. I learned my lesson, I tried to skimp 4-5 years ago, limited getting the Adobe to the design collection only has regretted it since I started looking for a job and found out that bosses since the recession want more buck for their money and now require (almost always) for print designers to be skillful in web, animation, video editing as well (some hard coding too).

For certain my $300 PC doesn’t have enough power to run all that. It even dies on me when I open Adobe Bridge. But I didn’t know any better back then. Had my husband order it over the phone and thought that saying it’s going to be used for graphics was enough. Turns out, graphics can also mean gaming.

After doing research the above computer was recommended. Getting a laptop didn’t even cross my mind until the last minute when I remembered a lot of bosses also require freelancers to bring their own laptop too. The thought alone made me shiver because that would be +++ dough. But there were a lot of advantages of having a powerful laptop, I could be working while waiting for Evan be done with his activities outside the school and house. I could also be working at the library or cafes when I am bored of my usual corner in the house. And yes, more freelancing opportunities for me.

While in the end the portable workstation I got ended up being more expensive than the basic MacBook (but incredibly $1,000 less the original price when it came out last year) it was still cheaper than if I got a Mac of the same power. Plus it was reputed to be very durable, very fast, had high quality display and battery life of up to 6.5 hours. I especially love the non-glare, the comfortable keyboard (which I thought didn’t really matter until I tried this) and the high techy stuff like the fingerprint reader and the mini light onscreen.

The only drawback is that it is a heavy 5 pounder and bulky. But so far I am a happy puppy. Knock on wood.

Here is it’s first product:

It’s a 30 inch poster for our library. I am happy to say our local library people (even the acting president) loved it and even thought it was from the American Library Association itself =) I have to say I was so surprised to find the huge difference of the colors between the laptop and my old PC. It was dull and flat on the latter.

Meanwhile I dream of a day for a $600 powerful laptop on something like this.

Maybe in 10 years?

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2 Responses to I Almost Bought A Mac

  1. Ed says:

    We have quite a few Lenovo Thinkpads floating around our office too. They seem to be really good and reliable albeit a bit on the bulky side like you mentioned. I can’t work on them because my line of work requires a mouse and multiple large screens. But I use them when I am down in the lab taking data measurements.

  2. geri says:

    Ed, I didn’t even know what Lenovo was until my friend Rhebs said it was IBM and is on of the best out there. I need a mouse too, I can’t work with trackpoints. Will also eventually get a stylus. I take it you work in 3D thus the multiple large screens? Very interesting.

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