Our Father’s Day Gift

My husband very hard to find a perfect gift for. Then I had an Aha! moment. Why not make a painting of that print he is so in love with but wouldn’t buy for himself because it costs almost $200? So I bought a $17 canvas and a $7 big tube of white acrylic. The rest of the colors I already have from years back. I was so excited and so was Evan:
I even had an assistant who was a big help with the under paintings.
For the above painting session, the third day (we paint in the morning and in the afternoon right after Evan’s sports camp), Evan was in charge of painting the waters. He suggested, “let’s paint shark in the lake.” A when he accidentally dabbed a blue paint on the shoreline, he excused it with, “that’s just a wave.”
Suffice it to say Tom loved his surprise gift (kudos to Evan who was really good at keeping our secret for 6 days!). Tom spent Father’s Day morning going around the house trying to decide where to put it. He decided on the wall facing him from where he sits on the dining table.

I honestly didn’t think I would be able to pull it off but even if I worked 30 hours that week, still did my running early in the morning, still gave Evan piano lessons EVERYDAY (also did his haircut), put in a little time on my personal project I remember being so happy. Painting is very therapeutic and it was fun to do with Evan. I am excited for our next collaborative project. Maybe I will be joining an art fair next summer, who knows. With Evan being 6 years old, I AM finally getting a lot of MYSELF back,  maybe that’s why I was so happy.

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2 Responses to Our Father’s Day Gift

  1. Ed says:

    My wife painted me a version of one of my favorite artworks many years ago and I still treasure it to this day. I hung my in the living room where I can see it from any seating position. I wish she would paint me more paintings.

  2. MC says:

    that is the perfect gift….

    in a way it was a gift to yourself too…bonding time with evan while doing what you loved best, painting and being with evan (oops repeat.)

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