The Best Block Party!

While I have always looked forward to our neighborhood’s block party, to the point of clearing out our calendar for this day, this year’s was so far the best. Evan was big enough Tom and I didn’t have to worry about him wandering off to the other streets, a couple of my friends and their kids came over to join us and the weather was perfect. Even Tom lingered for the most part of it.

Evan shares my sentiments, calling it “the best day of my life ever!” Why wouldn’t he? Playdate with Charlene in the morning after mass, block party in the evening and “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” outdoor movie with the neighborhood kids at night.

Looking forward to next year’s!

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One Response to The Best Block Party!

  1. Loraine says:

    Looks fun and wonderful.. You are lucky to have a good neighborhood. i just want to join the fire hydrant party….

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