Evan’s Race

I’ve been out of touch lately. Since I did my freelancing last April it just sort of took over my life and now that I got a few week’s break, I have a lot catching up to do. I am currently working on my husband’s website right now and I am (finally) doing my own custom WordPress theme. I am excited about the learning even if I still have to squeeze it among other things that are backlogged.

Evan and dad, waiting for the race to start. Evan checking out his loot bag.

But we did some fun stuff this weekend. We had Evan join a half mile fun run with some 20 other kids up to age 9. And guess what? He finished 6th! I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t manage to take a photo of him on the finishline. I was nervous when it started as all the kids dashed forward and I saw Evan’s facial expression changed to focus, competitiveness and determination. I thought a lot of things can go wrong. He could trip, bump into other kids, stop mid-way etc. But he didn’t. Tom ran in the sidewalk with him (or tried to keep up with him) but I stayed behind as he grew smaller and smaller until I could no longer see his silhouette and just hoped for the best.

At the starting line. The boy in purple shirt won and the girl in light blue shirt placed second.

After a few minutes, a kid in purple shirt who looked like he was 9 year old ran back checking from behind him to see his second finisher a few meters far from him. After a few moments a group of 3-4 kids came running forward and I saw the littlest one looking like Evan. I thought, “Wait a minute, is that Evan?” After staring hard, unblinking at the group, it was really him! My heart was pounding hard and I could hardly contain my excitement. “Evan! You are doing a good job!” I cheered as I ran beside him. He turned to look at me blankly, he was so focused that he didn’t recognize the bystanders. Then my image clicked in his mind, his face lightened up and he gave me a big smile as he slowed down. “No!” I shouted, “keep running!” And he did until he reached the finish line.

Evan showing off his cool finisher “shoe” medal. He wanted a medal just like mine now he has his 0wn.

Later on Tom related that at 3/4 of the race, a boy Evan age came up behind him and when Evan saw him he ran faster, then the boy ran faster too. They alternately edged out each other 3 times until the other boy just stopped in the middle of the road, exhausted. This was one of the coolest thing ever I have experienced as a mom and I already have visions of college track scholarships for Evan. Imagine the money we will save. Ahhhh, a mom can dream.

After the race we cooled of inside the library. While playing chess was Evan’s idea it didn’t take him long to start goofing around. Poor dad, he has the patience of a saint.

I was funny how before the race I saw this skinny asian boy, about 10 or 11 doing warm up running exercises. At that time I thought he was doing the fun run too. I joked to Evan, “I want you to beat him in the race.” It turned out that that asian kid ran the 5k with the adults and placed second. Another boy, a year older than him won the race. Just made me laugh thinking about how ambitious I was.

Well anyway, Evan says he had fun and wants to do it again next year and I bet you I am more excited than him.

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3 Responses to Evan’s Race

  1. Ed says:

    Congrats to Evan! I’m not sure if L.A. would try something like that or not. Sometimes she surprises me and sometimes she reaffirms my hunches. I just don’t know which it will be until I ask.

  2. geri says:

    Ed, with Evan he’s usually up to what mommy (running, painting) or daddy (golf) does but it’s always fun to be surprised. With you in the big city there’ll be more activities that L.A. could participate in. Is L.A. doing any lessons this fall? I remember you wanted her to do swimming.

  3. Ed says:

    She did take two swimming lessons this summer. The first one was a public one taught by a teenage girl who wasn’t a very good teacher. She basically just left my daughter at the side of the pool rather than try to encourage her to get over her fear of water. When I went there on the final day and it happened, I went over to the side of the pool and with about three minutes of pep talking, my daughter was out in the water doing her thing but by then, the whole week had slipped by. So L.A. took private swimming lessons later with her Grandma and those went really well. She almost just passed the first level of Red Cross swimming but most importantly, she isn’t so scared of the water anymore and can float for a couple seconds and hold her breath under water.

    The town we moved to isn’t really a big city. It is bigger than the town we moved from but is still considered small town by anyone from the Chicago area. But there are a few more opportunities including a water park that I am using to encourage my daughter to learn to swim.

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