The Surprise Get-Away

We planned to go on a short vacation a week after my birthday. Since we have been renting our place in Madison beginning last year in preparation for Tom’s looming early retirement, we decided to rent a room at a bed and breakfast place in a town near the city. We have passed this town everytime we go to Madison and it wasn’t that impressive to me. However, what I didn’t know was that the house was situated in front of a lovely lake hidden from view. That was the surprise part of my story. Here are a few photos:

I was still working on our way to our vacation but thankfully was done and met the deadline 2 hours after we arrived at the resort.

This historical lodging place is a favorite of a former vice-president and also the inventor of the Harley-Davidson.

I fell in love with the homey furnishings the first time I saw them.

For a few moments I felt like I was in the Downton Abbey era.

Evan playing with his action figures as we wait for breakfast.

Breakfast. Southern eggs, blueberry coffeecake, fresh fruits, english muffin, locally made canadian bacon, multigrain loaf.

Our kind of vacation.

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4 Responses to The Surprise Get-Away

  1. Ed says:

    My kind of vacation too!

  2. Loraine says:

    hi Geri, it’s been a while. I read this posting of yours way back. i just had problem with my computer that i cannot comment. anyway, i would like to try some of the bed and breakfast places too, esp. in Galena, IL. I love your picture reading a book…My kind of vacation too…

  3. haze says:

    HI Geri, so this is your new site. The last time I visited here it wasn’t working. You look really fit 😉 ! Stay like that….I envy you, I need to lose at least 10 kilos after my 3rd delivery. It’s tough but I am holding on. I have not been blogging for a long time, having 3 kids is quite hectic. But, I started to blog again, it’s indeed therapeutic :D!

    So love the place you have rented. It’s calm very unwinding. I love the native sofa hammock :) ! Enjoy the rest of the summer :) !

  4. geri says:

    Hi Ed, seems like you had quite a vacation yourself =)

    Loraine, yes Galena sounds like a good place to try too. I wish to go there esp since I have a college friend who lives only about 20 minutes away.

    Hi Haze, thank you, am always trying to do healthy things, I am always not good at it but I try. Don’t give up, as they say the journey begins with a single step. I have this blog too long already and I will do another major revamp soon. Will add your blog to my Reader so I can check on it often. I am glad you went back to blogging. There are just some stuff that doesn’t feel right to put on Facebook =)

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