Look Who Has Come To Visit

Up to this day I can’t believe why I get to be so lucky when it comes to friends. Rhebs and Gilda, filipinas who I met through an internet forum 9 years ago, back when I was still a fresh from the plane immigrant, came for a visit. I have met them four times in person, but have exchanged dozens of emails, facebook messages and phone calls all through this years and yet I feel not a single mile separates us. In fact, I have come to think of them as the big sisters I have never had.

Rhebs is into photography nowadays so I took her to the Botanic Garden and we were lucky to have been gifted with such a fine, perfect fall day for a photo shoot. I think Rhebs did such a superb job, I love the photos!

Here are photos I took:

Here are photos Gilda took:

This blog could also have been titled, filipinas and their cameras. =)

Of course no gathering of filipinas would be complete without photos of food:
Lechon at a filipino buffet restaurant. Both liked it so much that Rhebs proclaimed it to be the best filipino buffet she has gone to in the US. Gilda liked it so much that she wanted to go there everyday for lunch. But we didn’t because of this:

Rhebs cooked “Humba” (pork hock sweet adobo) and…

Paksiw na bangus (milkfish stew with vinegar) and…

All these food from our feast at Cielito’s where we also got together with Rose, her sister and my other filipina friend from my hometown in the Philippines, Candice.

It was a happy 4 days and I am already missing them.

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3 Responses to Look Who Has Come To Visit

  1. MC says:

    omg, there’s a filipino buffet in chicago? how cool is that? there should be one here too.

    btw, i remember these ladies in your blogs before. friendships are priceless, they’re necessary to happy living.

  2. Ed says:

    The food looks excellent, especially the pork hock adobo!

  3. geri says:

    MC, another reason to visit Chicago =) This resto didn’t use to impress me before but they have gotten better after they relocated. The bonus is that their location is only 3 miles from us! That’s funny how you remember my friends, I got lucky that I bumped into them considering how big the US is. Yes, they are necessary. They are the icing in the cake =)

    Ed, I should ask Rhebs for the recipe. I didn’t get the chance to see her cook this. For additional meat we used short ribs.

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